Jerry Gerlich’s Precision Shaping of Heat Moldable Cycling Shoes

Jerry Gerlich, one of six Steve Hogg “Approved” bike fitters world-wide is constantly refining ways to integrate cyclists and bicycles. The connection between the feet and pedals is the crucial base of a comfortable, efficient and solid cycling experience. Shoes, insoles, pedal choice, shimming and subtle wedging (canting of the foot in the shoe or Read More…

Fitting for Four Wheels

This article originally appeared in Steve Hogg’s August 2015 Bike Fit of the Month: This month’s FOTM (fit of the month) is about a unique client who took a different path in his quest for performance, both on and off the bike. His name is Ben Keating and he only started road cycling in Read More…



Steve Hogg approved
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Our bike fit expert Jerry Gerlich is one of only three bike fitters in the world certified by the renowned Steve Hogg.

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