Our service manager Gordon Yang has been working on high-end bicycles for the past 15 years and has been a USA Cycling Certified Mechanic since 2002. As the lead mechanic at Castle Hill Cycles, Gordon has spent the last eight years building, repairing and tuning Pinarellos, developing an exceptional expertise with the intricacies of the various models in the Pinarello line.

Commensurate with his experience, all mechanic work is billed at a flat rate of $100/hour in 15-minute increments with a $25 minimum charge. In addition, due to high demand for Gordon's services, mechanic work is done by appointment. While we understand that the need for certain repairs cannot be foreseen, doing repairs by appointment allows our clients to have a clear expectation of when the work will be completed.

Please contact us at or call 512-478-4567 to make an appointment.

In addition to standard mechanic services, we offer the following tune-up packages:

Pro Bike Assembly

  • Inspect frame and all components for shipping damage
  • Remove all bolts and grease threads, check for proper torque
  • Remove cassette, grease threads and freehub body
  • Remove cranks and bottom bracket and re-assemble with proper assembly compounds, check for proper torque
  • Lube all cables and housing
  • Check tightness of derailleur hanger and check for alignment
  • Adjust rear derailleur limit screws and B-axle screws
  • Check front derailleur installation for proper alignment and height
  • Adjust front derailleur limit screws
  • Check for shifter alignment on handlebar
  • Check brake caliper installation and adjustment
  • Check brake shoe adjustment
  • Wipe down outside of chain to prevent road grime build-up
  • Install stem and handlebar to proper adjustment, wrap handlebars
  • Install seat post with proper assembly compound
  • Check saddle for proper level
  • Test ride bike and check for necessary adjustments

Essential Tune-Up

Service includes:

  • True wheels on truing stand
  • Adjust and tune shifting system, check derailleur hanger
  • Adjust and tune braking system 
  • Adjust and lube all cables
  • Adjust bearing tension on hubs, headset, and bottom bracket
  • Check tension adjustment on all parts and accessories
  • Wipe down frame

Essential Tune and Clean

Service combines the Essential Tune with a detailed cleaning of the drive train system.  Service includes tuning and detailed cleaning of:

  • Crank set and chain rings
  • Chain
  • Cassette/Freewheel/cog
  • Hubs, spokes and rims

Full Bicycle Overhaul

Service involves complete disassembly and cleaning of all parts off of the bicycle including:

  • Total disassembly of parts from frame
  • Complete overhaul, cleaning and repacking of lube in hubs, bottom bracket and headset bearings and application of thread lock compounds as needed
  • True wheels on truing stand
  • Reassembly and tuning of shifting and braking systems
  • Installation of any components/accessories purchased from Castle Hill Cycles (great time for new tires, tubes, bar tape, cables/housing)
  • Clean frame and fork

Full Bicycle & Suspension Overhaul

Service combines the Full Bicycle overhaul with front and rear suspension overhauls.  Service includes:

  • Remove and overhaul front suspension (parts not included)
  • Remove and overhaul rear suspension (parts not included)
  • Remove and clean rear-end linkage, inspect and clean bushings, pivot points and bearings
  • Bleed and adjust front and rear hydraulic brakes (parts/fluids not included)

*All tuning and cleaning services reflect labor prices only

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