Function, Ergonomics and Fitting Services with Jerry Gerlich

We understand that not all riders want or need the 3-hour Comprehensive Fit, and some riders would just like to fine tune his or her position quickly. Our one-hour approach provides adjustment of the critical contact points on a bicycle as decided by your fitter. The service has been developed by Jerry Gerlich through 25 years of positioning experience. This session is not for riders looking to optimize all areas of a position and find ways to improve function, nor does this session cover an in-depth interview, functional exercises or detailed position specifics. The one-hour consultation is for riders looking for a simple position modifications, adjusted quickly and provided with a simple reference diagram.

The One-Hour Session addresses:

  • Cleat adjustment for providing a stable and neutral foot position.
  • Seat height adjustment for appropriate leg extension with smooth, stable form.
  • Seat setback adjustment for placing the pelvis in a balanced fore/aft position.  
  • Seat angle adjustment for soft tissue comfort and stabilization at the pelvis.
  • Handlebar rotation adjustment for ergonomics at the wrists and arms.
  • Handlebar height adjustment via the stem and spacers for torso/shoulder reach.

After your fit you will receive:

  • Your fitting results listing all the measurements on an easy-to-read chart.
  • Recommendation on needed upgrades resulting from your fit


The 1-hour position consultation fee is $150.00.

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