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"I came to Jerry to find a way back to cycling after dealing with chronic pelvic pain for years...I am back to racing my bike and using my body in a way that agrees with my health and I feel more healthy and balanced than ever."

Jerry Gerlich has worked with cyclists and triathletes for decades, gym clients for over 15 years and recently delved into the world of endurance auto racing in with effective ergonomic suggestions, functional movement remediation and foot correction techniques.  His knowledge, experience, and truly unique techniques combined with a passion for improved function, posture and performance has improved the lives of hundreds of local, national and international clients.  Jerry’s training includes a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Texas at Austin, personal trainer certification the American Council on Exercise, advanced conditioning through the C.H.E.K Institute, Powerplate USA, Trigger Point Therapy,  Heartrate Zone Training/Cycling certifications with Sally Edwards along with dozens of continuing education courses since 2001.

Furthermore, Jerry is one of six "Steve Hogg Approved" bike fitters worldwide.  Because of the stringent acceptance requirements, less than 10% of applicants get through the door to train with him in Sydney, Australia. Steve’s patented fitting techniques are extremely challenging to learn and more challenging to execute.  Some have compared these techniques to effectively tuning musical instruments by ear.  Less than 30% of those allowed in for training make it through the process successfully.  Steve was so confident with Jerry's bike fitting, assessment and movement remediation skills, that he was referring U.S. clients to Jerry three years prior to training him.  All of Jerry Gerlich’s comprehensive fitting sessions come with free follow up consultations and a money back if not happy guarantee.

Jerry also has experience helping golfers, skiers, equestrians, musicians and auto racing drivers with improved comfort/function and achieving new performance heights.  Clients have ranged in age between 15 and 94.  References are available upon request.  Some testimonials can be found on the Castle Hill Cycles and Steve Hogg’s bike fitting website.

– Jerry Gerlich
Certified Pro Bike Fitter

Ready to get started? Have questions for Jerry? E-mail or call 512-478-4567 ext. 105 .

Successful Outcomes

"I'll start by saying this was much more than a bike fit. It was an experience, a great bike fitting experience. Jerry is an extremely nice guy and really knows what he's doing.

I've been riding seriously for a few years now and the faster I got, the more uncomfortable I was. I'm a strong racer but always felt like my body was against itself. My feet never felt stable, hips never square and steady, and my legs sometimes felt like they weren't even part of the same body." – Jason Davis


California Dream’n in Austin

Hi Jerry,

After following Steve Hogg’s website for years and dreaming of a fit in Australia I of course chose you for two reasons; one, you’re on North America and easier to reach for me, and two, your kinesiology background and years fitting riders made you the next best thing to a trip to Oz.

Our day together was just the best possible experience I could imagine. Your thoroughness to details, friendliness, interest in me on a number of levels, and relentless drive toward my perfect fit on the bike provided me a wonderful experience. I’ve also enjoyed our follow-up conversations and tried to honestly implement everything you’ve detailed for me to do to ride stronger with more efficiency.

I wouldn’t change a thing from what you did in June.


Out of Bike Fit Hell thanks to Jerry Gerlich!

"I'll cut to the chase and make a LONG story short. I have had MANY bike fits in my life. Typically what happens is that within a week or 2 I'm making changes. Raising the saddle, moving it forward or back, lowering the saddle, changing the stem… You get the idea. I can safely say that I have never gone more than a couple of weeks riding without make some change to my position.

This past November, I went down to Austin to see Jerry Gerlich. Jerry spent quite a while trying to get everything to his liking (and mine…). Most of the changes seemed minor, with the exception of the new shims and wedging in my shoes. (Which is a big deal!) Anyhow, it has now been 7 months from that visit and I have not made ANY changes to the position!! Not only that but there is really no changes that creep into my head to make… I feel much more efficient on the bike than ever before. Worth every penny, and worth a trip from New England down to Austin!! Great stuff!! Thanks Jerry!"

Stew, June 27, 2014

Jerry is a true professional and has a genuine passion for what he does...

"I wasn't sure what to expect from a 3.5 to 4 hour bike fitting that cost 2 to 3 times what others are charge for "Fit" services. What I found out is the time and money was completely worth it for the results I have received from the time with Jerry. Jerry is a true professional and has a genuine passion for what he does as a bike fitting expert. The attention to detail, the long explanations of his methodology and process, and his general concern for my well being were way more than I was expecting. After working through each phase of the process, I jumped back on my bike and was shocked by the way all of the little adjustments came together to provide such a comfortable and efficient position. I took it easy for several weeks after the fit to let my body adjust. Over time I have gotten more and more powerful and have been so pleased at how comfortable I am, even on long rides. I do not have any hot spots or nagging sore areas like my lower back or knees. I cannot recommend Jerry highly enough and would advise anyone who is uncertain about making the investment to give it a try- you will not be disappointed. Jerry is simply the best and you will benefit in a number of ways by working with him."

Tim Sharp, January 15, 2014

Jerry Gerlich and awesome bike guidance

"First, my experience was absolutely phenomenal. I had pain, now no longer. Second, it didn't cost me five arms and six legs. Third, all I had to do was inquire about getting help. Fourth, I received personalized guidance, not just run-of-the-mill comments, and now I will absolutely contact Jerry or Steve for future issues.

I was connected with Jerry Gerlich, one of the few trainee's of Steve Hogg, through my purchase of G8 insoles at Castle Hill Cycles online in Austin, Texas. I thought I was just buying a set of insoles to dampen my unending knee problem on my own, but boy was I wrong.

I was just about to throw in the towel when Jerry offered help on my bike fit. Saying Yes, was the best bike decision I ever made. I listened exactly to his suggestions, AND stuck with it. Over the next few days (and weeks) we communicated and made minor adjustments. I am still shocked that I am riding pain free. We incorporated use of the heel wedge, adjusted insoles and arch support, and modified my pedal setup and baammm, a happy 30-something-year-old ready to race again.

Feels good. Big thanks."

Kirby, January 1, 2014

Night and Day

"Fitting process put me at such ease. It was a collaborative effort from the start and I felt assured that we’d figure out something that’d work before it was all over. Jerry is a hell of a guy and pleasure to be around. Lots of great stories to swap.

Jerry sent me away with a fairly drastic change in my position and some exercises and recovery techniques to do daily. I kept daily journals on my transition to the new fit and communicated with Jerry on a regular basis so that we were on the same page.


He was able to realign my body and also open up my neural pathways blocked by injury and misalignment...

I contacted Jerry Gerlich, an Austin-based fit specialist trained by Steve Hogg, after reading about Steve's approach on his website. Having a Steve Hogg fitter in my city has been both convenient and effective. I came to Jerry with a lot of physical issues that resulted from being improperly fitted to first a hybrid, then a standard road bike.

An old body surfing accident had left me misaligned on my left side. Combined with a too-stretched out top tube/offset seat post combination on my road bike, I developed a strained left hamstring and heel problem that became chronic. I had aspirations of getting back to non-competitive long-distance road riding after three decades away. But all the pain and no gain had left me completely dejected and thinking I would have to give up cycling permanently. Jerry didn't just get me on my bike and make adjustments. He began by assessing my alignment issues and flexibility by interviewing me and putting me through a series of motion tests. Using Steve's methods, he was able to realign my body and also open up my neural pathways blocked by injury and misalignment. From there, he was able to adjust the appropriate fit dimensions for my bike to make things much more comfortable.

He also set up my cleats with proper angle and shim combo to ensure I was stable and when pedaling. Though my bike was a size too large for me (55 vs. 53), Jerry was able to adjust the bike work much better, a miracle after almost two years of riding bikes that didn't fit. Just as crucial as Jerry's fitting me to my bike were the series of exercises to strengthen my core and open up pelvic flexibility. I now have more refined core awareness and the exercises have been critical to getting me well on the road to full physical recovery and fitness. I most emphatically urge anyone reading this to contact Jerry BEFORE you shop for a bike. Not only will you remove the chance of getting a bike that doesn't fit, you'll also avoid pain and injury that might turn you away from something we all love so dearly - riding our bikes!

Jerrell L., Leisure rider and guitarist for Austin-based ONE BLACK LUNG

Jerry was the only one to set me up so that I was truly riding pain free.

Jerry Gerlich at Castle Hill uses his knowledge from his Kinesiology degree and unique methods to customize bike fits to get maximum effectiveness from each rider. He taught me that a bike is symmetrical machine that neither knows nor cares about a leg length discrepancy or varus/valgus anomalies. After going to numerous "bike fitters" over the years, Jerry was the only one to set me up so that I was truly riding pain free. I had immediate and quantifiable gains in my performance and comfort after my fitting.

Michael F., Cat 2 racer/Military Nurse from Alberta Canada

Jerry helped me find a path to new capabilities.

I came to Jerry to find a way back to cycling after dealing with chronic pelvic pain for years. Several doctors told me I would not be able to cycle or practice high level physical activities for fear of aggravating my condition. Jerry's approach was thorough; he constantly evaluated how changes made during the bike fit or bodywork affected the function of my body with stability as the key indicator. Jerry helped me find a path to new capabilities. I am back to racing my bike and using my body in a way that agrees with my health and I feel more healthy and balanced than ever. Jerry has a wealth of knowledge of the interaction between the bike and physiology and along with his passion, and innovative spirit, he can help a client that commits to the process of finding a way to ride that complements their unique challenges.

Grant H., Cat 2 racer/Doctoral Candidate in Physical Therapy

I'm biting the bullet and springing for a Z-Zero and Parlee has been incredible so far. I suggested that they consider a relationship with you in Texas, since they said that they have never had anyone send in as dialed-in a fit and understanding of the client's needs before. Excellent job!

Jonathan A., Distance rider/ Former athlete for USA Junior Triathlon Team

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