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This service focuses on positional installation/adjustments of cycling cleats for the optimization of comfort, leverage and performance. Our pro bike fitter Jerry Gerlich uses the Cyclefit methods and concepts developed by master bike fitter Steve Hogg. The Cyclefit process focuses on optimizing neural function as a starting point to address biomechanical issues. This patented approach provides certainty in crucial areas of bike fitting instead of relying on the educated guesswork that has been traditionally applied. The nature of these fitting principles means that the detail of their application varies as much as people do. 

What the session includes:

  • Detailed measurement of the cleats both pre and post fitting
  • Measurement of the 1st and 5th toe joints for reference
  • Installation and adjustment of modular insoles if needed
  • Application of the Cyclefit neurological testing methods to determine amount and placement of wedging if needed at the forefoot, cleat, heel or a combination of the three as taught by Steve Hogg
  • Installation of any shimming under the appropriate shoe if needed
  • Marking the soles of the shoes for future replacement of the cleats
  • Minor readjustment of the seat to reflect cleat changes
  • Detailed spreadsheet with cleat position information, leg length, overall foot length and differential measurements between the first and fifth Metatarsal/Phalange joints, and other specifics relating to insoles, shimming and wedging

What to expect after the session:

  • Clients can expect a one to three week window of adaptation after the session.  It is imperative that you ride easy for that time period to allow your nervous system to develop the new muscular firing requirements for the new cleat positions. (At higher intensities, we have a tendency to fall back into previous patterns of stability and movement. Those patterns will no longer work optimally because of the changes.) After the third week post-fitting, ride as hard as you'd like, but do so with an emphasis on a stable pelvis, a relaxed torso and effective breathing.
  • We consider all of our bike fitting services to be ongoing conversations more than single sessions. So if issues arise after adjustments have been made, we're happy to recommend modifications and exercises to help fine-tune the fit. We will initiate and encourage a great deal of communication for several weeks after a shoe cleat position analysis. We’re in this together!


The 1.5 hour Shoe Cleat Position Analysis fee is $225.

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