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Triathletes experience a wide range of functional demands over the course of a swim/bike/run event.  Supple, effective swimming technique and smooth running form are split by the most time-consuming portion of a triathlon, the bike leg.  A comfortable bike position that allows for powerful leverage, optimal breathing and stable handling can have a huge impact on how fresh an athlete feels when it’s time to run.  Adjusting these bicycles should reflect the functional and positional needs of the specific client. Here are the areas we will address in this session:


  • Well-fitting shoes that feel comfortable sans socks.
  • Appropriate arch supporting insoles.
  • Foot correction via shimming and wedging determined through Steve Hogg’s patented proprioceptive testing process.


  • Appropriate shape to provide comfortable support without chaffing.
  • Length of the rails and overall seat should provide plenty of fore/aft adjustment.
  • Seat height is set to provide leverage without rocking at the hips.
  • Seat angle is set to reduce soft tissue pressure without causing the rider to slide forward.

Base Bar/Aerobar/Forearm Pads/Stem:

  • Appropriately sized base bar for shoulder width.
  • Aerobar positioned to allow for increased aerodynamics and comfortable wrist angle.
  • Forearm pads set to appropriate height/reach/angle positions for comfort and stability.
  • Appropriate length/pitch angled stem for height and reach of base bar.

The Triathlon/Time Trial Positioning fee is $150/hour.

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